Alliance Leader welcomes Bertha McDougall’s report

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed the publication of a report by former Interim Victims’ Commissioner Bertha McDougall. He stated that the report is extremely important as it examines matters which urgently need to be addressed.

David Ford said: “Bertha McDougall has produced a comprehensive report which looks at areas that have long required examination.

“There are real concerns at the lack of funding provided for many victims. This report has made welcome recommendations in this regard.

“For too long, the voices of victims have not been heard. I am glad that this publication gives us a starting point from which to proceed in order to address victims’ concerns.

“We have been severely lacking a searching examination of how victims are treated, and these findings contribute to addressing this problem.

“This report also illustrates that there is an urgent need to address the legacy of the past in Northern Ireland.”


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