Alliance Leader tells Hain to get real

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has rebuked the Secretary of State for being out of touch with reality and lacking the initiative required to break the political deadlock in Northern Ireland. David Ford’s comments come in the wake of Peter Hain’s commons statement on progress made in restoring devolution.

Cllr Ford MLA said: “The work of the Preparation for Government Committee is important; however, it alone cannot solve the problems that have created the current political impasse.

“If Peter Hain thinks that the Preparation for Government Committee is going to solve everything, then he clearly does not recognise the realities of the situation.

“The real business has to be done by all the parties and the two governments in the Autumn, when inclusive all-party talks should take place.

“There is no substitute for inclusive all-party talks. The Secretary of State should be arranging such talks, instead of sending out the wrong messages over in Westminster.

“Mr Hain, through his incorrect analysis of the current situation, has yet again proven that he is out of touch and off-message.

“Does Mr Hain know what is required in order broker a deal in Northern Ireland? In recent days, he has seemed so keen on copper-fastening Plan B, that Plan A has slipped his mind altogether.”

David Ford concluded: “It will take serious and comprehensive dialogue to break the deadlock, so Mr Hain must get into the real world and make the required effort now, before its too late.”


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