Alliance Leader slams OFMDFM for delaying segregation report again

Alliance Leader David Ford has hit out at the Office of the First and Deputy First Minster for only circulating their already-delayed Deloitte cost of segregation report to MLAs today. It was agreed during Assembly questions on 10 September to circulate it.

David Ford said: “Having sat on the cost of segregation report until Alliance forced the information into the public domain through a freedom of information request, they have been using stalling tactics yet again.

“I was quite shocked that it took OFMDFM from 10 September, until today to distribute the report to all MLAs as they promised. It is still not on their website, thought it can be read at

“You would think they were trying to hush up these findings. One can only assume that they are very embarrassed at the massive cost of segregation.

“It of course suits them to play down the cost of division – their power base emanates from the fact that society is still largely segregated. Alliance will continue to push for action.

“Firstly, Alliance forced OFMDFM to commission this study, then we forced them to release the astounding cost of division when they sat on the report. Now we intend to hound them into dismantling the Berlin Wall of segregation which costs us a staggering £1.5 billion every year.”


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