Alliance Leader says Sinn Fein ‘look ridiculous’ after CTI u-turn

Alliance Leader David Ford has attacked Sinn Fein for their u-turn on Margaret Ritchie’s conflict transformation funding decision. He said that this u-turn made them look very foolish and showed their lack of integrity. Sinn Fein announced that they would now support Margaret Ritchie in the Executive meeting today following her decision to end the CTI funding on Tuesday.

David Ford said: “Sinn Fein now look totally ridiculous, because they were lining up to attack Margaret Ritchie in the chamber on Tuesday and now they are rolling over and supporting her decision.

“It would appear that they have seen the positive coverage that this good decision has gained and feel that they want a slice of the cake.

“Sinn Fein should show a bit of integrity. They should have backed the Minister’s courageous decision instead of changing direction according to public opinion. This seems to be a case of all spin and no substance from them.

“Sinn Fein needs to wake up and realise that Martin McGuinness’ cosy relationship with Ian Paisley does not mean that they can forget about collective government. The whole Executive has a mountain of work to do to prove to local people that it has the ability and the courage to provide good governance.”


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