Alliance Leader says OFMDFM is ‘in turmoil’ as Victims’ post is re-advertised

Alliance Leader David Ford has blasted the Office of the First and Deputy First Minster for re-advertising the Victims’ Commissioner post, saying that indecision has been the main feature of this administration. He also said that OFMDFM are in turmoil and they have showed total contempt for the Assembly by not announcing the move in the chamber.

David Ford said: “OFMDFM is yet again in turmoil. They have shown total indecision on this appointment.

“Not only has indecision reigned, OFMDFM have shown total contempt for the Assembly by announcing this move outside the chamber. They are running scared, and in doing this they have undermined democracy and shown contempt for victims.

“Are they trying to take ownership of the appointment process or ownership of the Commissioner? I hope that this does not create a dangerous precedent on public appointments.

“Victims’ voices need to be heard and this further delay does them a real disservice.”


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