Alliance Leader says move is historic but delay is disappointing

Alliance Leader David Ford has stated that today’s move is an historic step forward for Northern Ireland but expressed disappointment at the six-week delay in restoring devolution. His comments come following the joint announcement from Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams that power-sharing will not be restored until 8 May.

David Ford said: “This is a monumental step forward for everyone in Northern Ireland. I am very glad that the DUP have finally agreed to share power with Sinn Fein; however, the six week delay in restoring devolution is disappointing.

“The people of Northern Ireland deserve power-sharing, and it looks like they might finally get it again. We will continue to keep the pressure on the DUP and Sinn Fein to ensure that they deliver on their promises and provide genuine and sustainable power-sharing.

“We must now build on this historic progress and deliver good governance for the people of Northern Ireland.

“I welcome today’s events, but I hope that the delay in restoration will not create a vacuum. It is important that all parties use the time until 8 May to prepare for a fully-working Executive and Assembly on that date.”


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