Alliance Leader says green re-launch has left red faces

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that today’s re-launch of the Environment and Heritage Service has been deeply embarrassing for the Minister Sammy Wilson with many green campaigners, including himself boycotting the event. He is boycotting the event because of the Executive’s failure to set up an independent Environmental Protection Agency.

David Ford said: “Instead of green progress, the Department have been left with red-faces after today’s embarrassing stunt.

“Today’s sham re-launch of EHS only served to put the spotlight on the Stormont Executive’s lack of action or radical thought on the environment.

“Although there are many good people in EHS, the civil service structures are simply not up to the job.

“No matter how glitzy the re-launch was, there was no way that anyone could dress up a dog’s dinner. This event will be remembered as a humiliating farce and let’s hope the Minister learns his lesson and listens to green campaigners in future.”


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