Alliance Leader says de-politicise policing now to deliver best service

Alliance Leader David Ford has demanded the de-politicising of policing to ensure that the best service was provided for everyone. He stated that Alliance is the only party with no hidden agenda on policing and Alliance merely wants the best police service for the whole community.

David Ford said: “We are the only party in Northern Ireland whose sole aim on policing is to provide the best service for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“We are the only party that has no hidden agenda on this issue. The tribal parties always try to impose their sectarian stamp on policing and this harms the police service.

“It is time that this issue was de-politicised so that we can move on and provide the best protection for everyone in our community.

“The tribal parties continuously fight over petty matters on policing and cannot see the bigger picture. People are concerned about anti-social behaviour, racism, gangsterism and paramilitarism. These are the real issues which must be given priority when policing is discussed.”


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