Alliance Leader makes blogging history

Alliance Leader David Ford made blogging history when he took part in the first-ever phone-in interview for the leading Irish political website, Slugger O’Toole. The interview was hosted by Mick Fealty, creator of, which hosts discussion on a range of topics covering every aspect of political and public life in Ireland. The phone-in was hosted by an American website, While David and other direct contributors had to use their phones, the show was accessible via the web to anyone who chose to log in, from anywhere in the world.

David Ford said: “The interview concentrated on the question of whether or not we had a viable deal to enable the formation of a devolved Government. I expressed my doubts as to whether a comprehensive, inclusive deal was possible.

“This new format was an unusual experience, a cross between a transatlantic phone call with a friend, slightly gossipy, and a proper interview, never quite sure who was likely to speak.

“It was actually interestingly different, certainly not the same as being interviewed by the small number of journalists whom you get to know in Belfast. Listeners will have to judge whether the difference in style gets more information from the interviewee.

“I am looking forward to feedback, either from those who listened live or from those who log on subsequently.”


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