Alliance Leader condemns UDA feud attack in Carrickfergus

Alliance Leader David Ford said he awaits with interest Minister Margaret Ritchie’s announcement on conflict transformation funding following a UDA attack on a house in Carrickfergus last night. Three shots were fired through a window of a house in Drumhoy Drive in Sunnylands Estate in the town.

David Ford said: “This incident would appear to show that all the pious talk regarding progress amounts to nothing.

“The 60 day deadline is over and it appears that the UDA are continuing to act in the same manner as they always have done.

“It is totally unacceptable that public money was used to fund this ‘conflict transformation’ project in the first place. Last night’s attack in Carrickfergus shows how little transformation there has been.

“I await with great interest the announcement on the funding from Margaret Ritchie. She must do the right thing and make the right decision.”


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