Alliance Leader condemns Sinn Fein for vetoing debate on victims and equality

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has hit out at Sinn Fein for denying the Assembly the chance to put forward the concerns of the whole community on victims, equality and shared future issues. David Ford commented after Sinn Fein actions in today’s Programme for Government Committee, where they prevented the Assembly from discussing the matter, even though they approved the draft report on rights, safeguards, equality issues and victims.

The South Antrim MLA stated: “Sinn Fein’s foolish actions mean that we will be deprived of a debate in the Assembly on the vitally important issues of victims, equality and rights. These issues concern everyone in Northern Ireland, and agreement on them is essential for progress to be made in breaking the current political deadlock.

“Bizarrely, Sinn Fein actually agreed the report but somehow managed to worm their way out of ratifying it, therefore stopping the Assembly from debating these key issues.

“When it came to discussing the motion for an Assembly debate on this report during today’s Preparation for Government Committee, Sinn Fein decided to veto it.

“Next time Sinn Fein start getting onto their high horse about rights, I hope that everyone reminds them that they denied us the chance to put forward the concerns of all of the people of Northern Ireland on these crucial issues.

“Sinn Fein’s actions were disgraceful. They need to face the reality that if devolution is to be restored, they must grow up and get down to business with everyone.”


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