Alliance Leader calls for big vote for cross-community politics

Alliance Leader David Ford has made an impassioned call for the people of Northern Ireland to come out and support genuine cross-community politics at the ballot box.

Mr Ford said: “Those who are serious about building a united community in Northern Ireland must make their votes count tomorrow.

“Alliance has been getting an excellent response on the doorsteps over the past few weeks, but that positive reaction will be for nothing if people stay at home.

“The past few months have been a political rollercoaster ride, and there must be a certain weariness over the endless crises, but every single vote counts. I would urge the public to come out and vote for pro-Agreement candidates that they believe will work constructively after the election to restore our devolved government.

“Alliance has risked more than any other party to save the Agreement, we have worked hard in the Assembly and at community level and we are going into this election confident that we can increase both our share of the vote and number of seats.”

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