Alliance Leader blasts South Antrim Post Office closures

South Antrim Alliance MLA David Ford has condemned the two Post Office closures in the area stating that they will hurt local communities and damage local economies.

David Ford said: “The Post Office closures in Antrim will hit local communities very hard. Local economies may also be damaged because people may be more likely to do their shopping in larger towns if they now need to use a Post Office.

“The services scheduled to close in Parkhall Shopping Centre in Antrim and Moneyglass will be greatly missed by local people.

“Alliance will be keeping pressure on Royal Mail to consider creating joint schemes with local councils in order to maintain services in the communities affected.

“Naomi Long, our Deputy Leader, has already contacted Essex County Council to get the details of their scheme for supporting Post Offices. We want to explore how local councils and Northern Ireland Departments can co-operate with post offices.”


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