Alliance Leader asks ‘Is this any way to run a government?’

Alliance Leader David Ford has questioned the ability of the Executive to function properly following today’s farcical scenes following the announcement on the 11-plus.

Opposition Leader David Ford said: “Every time a big decision is made, there is always the threat of legal action. How can any government operate effectively under these circumstances?

“This Executive is very unstable and has been rocked by every big decision it has made. Today’s is the latest in this sorry saga of weak government.

“We need a stronger form of government. Today’s scenes again showed the need for voluntary coalition, where there can be coherent and collective government.

“I know it’s pantomime season, but people will be annoyed to see an issue as important as our children’s future being kicked around like a political football in the Assembly chamber.

“The Executive and the Education Committee need to speedily adopt a partnership approach and end confrontation. The people who suffer are vulnerable children.

“Every ripple on the pond seems to cause an earthquake within the Executive. Its time we had stable, grown-up government that thinks and acts together, instead of this amateur operation.”


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