Alliance launches campaign for a new alternative in North Belfast

Alliance has launched its campaign in North Belfast, saying Councillor Nuala McAllister offers a new alternative for North Belfast.

The launch, which took place this past Saturday (February 27) at St Peter’s Church on the Antrim Road, saw close to 100 volunteers come to support the official start to Nuala McAllister’s campaign.

“People are disillusioned with Stormont, and rightly so,” said Nuala.

“But this May gives the voters a chance to speed up the pace of change by voting for a new alternative. Progress has been held back by the politicians, not the people. Since the Good Friday Agreement, the pace of real change has been painfully slow. No constituency has been more affected by this than North Belfast.

“Almost 20 years later and it is clear politics has been stuck in a rut. Divided politicians have inevitably been side-tracked by petty sectarian politics, rather than focusing to solve the important issues around education, health, jobs and housing. It’s time for the voters to try a new alternative.”

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long also attended the launch.

“You just need to look at the numbers who turned out today to see how much belief we have that Nuala is capable of taking North Belfast forward, faster,” she said.

“Nuala can offer a new hope for politics in North Belfast and would be an excellent MLA if the voters support her on May 5.”

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