Alliance is the radical alternative, says Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said her party is the radical alternative to the established politics, in her first Leader’s Speech to the Alliance Party Conference.

She added the ongoing talks process should not result in another election, as it would not solve the issues facing our society.

“Voter turnout in the Assembly election was the highest we have seen since the first Assembly election after the Good Friday Agreement was signed. People saw the institutions in real jeopardy and the clear message they gave to all of us elected was they want to see devolution restored and delivering for them.

“Alliance is up for that task and whatever is ahead – be it talks or elections, whether in Government or opposition – we will play a positive and constructive role in raising the standards of Government. We will push to move beyond the divisions of our past, of building peace and reconciliation, of driving forward a progressive, liberal, just and vibrant society.

“Whilst others may secretly hanker for a period of direct rule or feel that another election may offer the chance of a better result for their party, we are clear neither will solve the problems which face us today.”

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