Alliance is the only alternative to the failing tribal parties – Dr Kumar Kamble

Enniskillen by-election candidate Dr Kumar Kamble has said that the Alliance Party is the only alternative to the tribal parties that are failing to deliver within the Stormont Executive. His comments come in relation to the Executive failing to meet for almost three months and the growing list of problems they are failing to address.

Dr Kumar Kamble said: “The DUP, Sinn Fein, the SDLP and Ulster Unionists are all part of the failing Executive at Stormont.

“It is a total disgrace that the Executive has failed to meet for almost three months. In this time, confusion continues to grow over the 11-plus, the backlog in planning is increasing by the day and they are letting weeds grow over the Maze site.

“The tribal parties are failing Northern Ireland and I believe they have failed Fermanagh. Alliance is the opposition at Stormont and we are holding them to account for their failures. Enniskillen needs someone who will free-up resources to improve local services by working to end segregation. I have ambition for Enniskillen and I have the vision to deliver this goal.

“Segregation is the biggest waste of money in Northern Ireland and only Alliance will end this blight on our society. If we create more integrated schools and shared services to replace segregated services, we can access an extra £1 billion pounds every year. The Executive parties are failing to address this issue effectively, and this perfectly highlights their lack of vision and ambition.”


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