Alliance in talks with Border Communities Against Brexit

Alliance representatives have met with the Border Communities Against Brexit campaign group to discussion opposition to a hard border in the wake of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

The delegation consisted of Deputy Leader and Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA, as well as party representatives from constituencies along the border. He said it was a welcome opportunity to hear directly the views and concerns of those people potentially severely affected.

“Any physical border will bring major economic, political, social and security consequences,” he said.

“We heard first-hand the fears over the impact of any such border would have on the livelihoods of many people and the disruption on many communities. There are tens of thousands of journeys across the border every day, involving education, business, work and leisure. A physical border would also be major impediment to trade, with potentially tariffs being levied, plus transactional non-tariff costs and delays.

“The Good Friday Agreement is predicated on the freedom of movement and engagement on a north-south, alongside an east-west, basis. Alliance is resolute in fighting for a soft Brexit and a special deal for Northern Ireland. We believe the best way to avoid any physical border ether across the island or down the Irish Sea would be for the UK as a whole to remain within a custom union with the EU.

“So far the proposals from the UK Government in relation to Ireland and the border issue have not been realistic. It is vital they reassess their approach over the coming weeks.”

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