Alliance Hopes New Irish Government Leads to Enhanced North-South Co-operation

North Down Alliance MLA, Stephen Farry, has congratulated Fine Gael and Labour in their successes in the Irish General Election and looked forward to increased North-South co-operation.

Stephen Farry stated: “The Alliance Party congratulates both Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party on their very impressive election results.

“No one under-estimates the immense economic and financial issues facing what seems certain to be an incoming Fine Gael and Labour coalition government.

“More and more economic, social and environmental issues have a cross-border and all-island dimension. In these challenging times, it is important that neither the new Irish Government nor the forthcoming Executive in Northern Ireland become inward looking.

“Rather, Alliance believes that there are significant efficiencies and economies of scale can be found through enhanced north-south co-operation. This need not require new institutions and should happen irrespective of political and constitutional aspirations.”

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