Alliance hopes for co-operation at Castlereagh AGM today

Ahead of the AGM of Castlereagh Borough Council today, Alliance Councillor Michael Long has called for all parties to work together to help deliver for everyone in the area and help ensure good relations.

Cllr Michael Long said: “Today will be the test of how committed the DUP are to a shared future with the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and the allocation of committee posts.

“We hope that everyone works together at Castlereagh Council. It is in the interests of everyone that there is good co-operation between all parties. I hope that the deal the DUP and UUP made in the Council does not mean that other parties will be excluded from positions as good relations are vitally important.

“I hope that today’s AGM will be positive and constructive as we need co-operation at the Council to help deliver the best services and the best value for money for everyone in Castlereagh.”


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