Alliance has grave reservations about new Committee – Ford

Alliance leader David Ford has said that although his party will participate in the Assembly’s new Committee, the party has grave reservations about its effectiveness.

David Ford stated: “Alliance has always been willing to do whatever it can to move forward the political process. We remain committed to the restoration of devolution, operating in a fair and open way.

“I do not believe that the proposed Assembly Committee will be able to tackle all the outstanding issues, many of which require action by the UK Government or the two governments as signatories of the Agreement.

“All the proposed Committee can do is allow parties to set out their ideas on what needs to be done to restore devolved government. That is worthwhile, but limited in value.

“People are not interested in a quick fix to get parties around the Executive table if that merely means more ‘revolving-door’ government.

This time we have to deal with all the problems to ensure that when devolved government is restored, it is stable and viable in the longer term.

“I look forward to discussing the resolution of these significant problems with the Prime Minister and the Taoiseach. In the meantime I am seeking a meeting with the Secretary of State to discuss the Government’s plans for next few weeks.”

The Alliance Party has nominated Party Leader David Ford MLA and Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA to attend the Committee.


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