Alliance hails fly posting crackdown in Castlereagh

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has welcomed the decision by Castlereagh Council to take a tougher line regarding those involved in fly posting in the Borough. He said that fly posting is a widespread problem across the Borough.

Cllr. Long, who is also Alliance Party Vice-Chair, said: “There continues to be a big problem with fly posting across the Borough. This is very unsightly and does nothing to improve the visual amenity of the area. Until now the Council have only written to inform organisations who have advertised in this manner but, following a decision at last month’s Council meeting, tougher measures will be taken against those who continue to advertise illegally in this way.

“Firstly, formal notices will be issued against those who persistently offend and if they fail to comply they will be forced to pay for the costs of having these posters removed. I hope that this tougher policy will have the desired effect of reducing the problem of fly posting in Castlereagh.”


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