Alliance group motion on cultural diversity

The Alliance Group on Belfast City Council have submitted the following motion for discussion at this weeks Policy and Resources Committee meeting to be held this Friday 19 December.

The motion reads;

Belfast City Council notes the rich diversity of Cultural traditions present in the city, notes in particular the value attached to the Irish language by many citizens, and recognises the need for the council to deal with issues of cultural diversity in a positive and inclusive manner.

Policy and Resources accordingly agrees to establish a sub committee, initially for a period to conclude at the AGM in 1999, to consider and make recommendations on the councils approach to the Irish language and issues of cultural diversity.

Commenting on the initiative, Councillor Mervyn Jones, Leader of the Alliance Group said:

“For to long the Irish Language and Cultural Traditions have been used as political weapons , served on groups on either side as ammunition for use against the other. Alliance is now in a unique position in Belfast City Council to enunciate this proposal , and to ensure that these issues are dealt with positively in the future. The initiative is further proof of Alliance’s determination to make genuine and steady progress in improving the way Belfast City Council represents and serves its constituents.”


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