Alliance group leads way on securing a fair deal for third-world producers

The Alliance Party Group on Castlereagh Council has led the way on Fair Trade status for Dundonald, aimed at securing a fair deal for third-world producers. Fair Trade Status would mean products sold in Dundonald’s shops and cafes would carry an independent consumer label guaranteeing that producers were paid a fair price for the product, and ensuring investment in health and education in the developing world.

Cllr Judith Cochrane, who proposed a Council motion moving towards Fair Trade Status last night [Thu 27th], stated: “I am delighted that Castlereagh Council agreed unanimously to support a motion moving towards Fair Trade status for Dundonald.

“Dundonald would become the first area of Northern Ireland with Fair Trade Status, meaning consumers would know that third-world producers were paid fairly for the food and drink they buy.

“Fair Trade tea and coffee is already used in Castlereagh and other council buildings across Northern Ireland. This status would mean local shops, catering outlets and workplaces would carry a range of Fair Trade products, and a steering group from within the community would promote their use.

“This is an outstanding example of how progressive local thinking can secure a fair deal internationally. It is clear that we can make a difference to fairness world-wide, and helping third-world producers compete. No one has anything to fear from that.”


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