Alliance gets Council to write to Translink about Castlereagh bus service

Alliance Representatives in Castlereagh are keeping the pressure on to have the number 29 bus service retained. The number 29 route is one of the few which links a number of different parts of the Borough. Alliance proposed that Castlereagh Council write to Translink to express concerns about the planned changes and this was unanimously supported by the other Councillors.

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long said: “I proposed that the Council write to Translink to express concern at the proposed changes and this was unanimously backed by the other Councillors.

“This service provides the only direct link from Montgomery Road to Forestside and Holywood Exchange and the loss of it will have a considerable impact on many people living in the Lisnasharragh area. The end of the number 29 route would also mean the loss of a service for this area to the Ulster Hospital and this could make things very difficult for those who depend on it to reach the hospital.”

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long said: “This is an important bus route which provides a vital service to people in Castlereagh and is key link across the Borough.

“Alliance has been working hard in recent years to have routes in Castlereagh which have been lost reinstated, as we believe that the area needs and deserves enhanced services, and we are extremely disappointed at the potential loss of the number 29 route.

“Alliance previously campaigned successfully to save routes such as the one between Mount Merrion and the Ormeau Road, and we will continue our campaign to save the number 29 bus because this vital service simply must not be lost.”

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Carole Howard added: “Alliance has a strong track record on protecting bus services in the area and we will keep the pressure on to retain this key route. We all acknowledge that times are tight but it is essential for the economy and for sustainability that we have a strong public transport infrastructure in Castlereagh.”


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