Alliance expresses continued opposition to blood sports and animal cruelty

Ards and North Down Alliance representatives have expressed their continued opposition to blood sports and animal cruelty following the Boxing Day hunt in the area.

The hunt set off from Newtownards and will be followed by another, due to depart Crawfordsburn on New Year’s Day.

Alliance Councillor Karen Douglas said the party has been vocal in its fight to end the suffering of animals.

“Not only have we a strong opposition to blood sports, we oppose any hunting with hounds – including stag and fox hunting. Hunting with hounds is cruel and has no place in the 21st Century.

“Seeing animals ripped to shreds by packs of dogs cannot be considered a sport by any right-thinking individual. I will be lawfully protesting against this animal cruelty on New Year’s Day and joining with my colleagues to call for more action to lawfully end this barbaric practice.”

“After receiving the backing of Ards and North Down Borough Council in 2015 for my proposal calling for the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to ban hunting of mammals with dogs and the use and sale of snares for the purposes of capturing or killing animals, I am disgusted we are still waiting for action to outlaw these vicious and cruel practices,” added Councillor Andrew Muir.

“Whilst David Ford fought hard as Justice Minister to enhance legislation against animal cruelty, it is a shameful indictment of successive Agriculture Ministers to have shunned the opportunity for legislative reform. With no Executive at present, action is difficult but Alliance intends to explore any further ways the Council can impede and inhibit animal cruelty.”

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