Alliance exposes revelations on disgraceful water privatisation

Alliance East Antrim Representative, Séan Neeson has hit out at a former Direct Rule Minister for betraying local people over water privatisation. He has revealed a letter sent to him by former Direct Rule Minister John Spellar stating that they would not privatise water through the back door. Séan Neeson also stated that only Alliance will provide a fair deal on water for local people, because the four tribal parties set the ball rolling on water charges.

Ald Séan Neeson said: “Direct Rule Ministers have betrayed the people of Northern Ireland by doing a u-turn on water privatisation

“Labour Minster John Spellar clearly insisted to me that there would be no water privatisation through the back door. Unfortunately it looks like this promise is not worth the paper it is written on. The government will disgracefully try to use water charges to get the infrastructure ready for a sell-off.

“The blatant disregard for people in Northern Ireland shown by John Spellar underlines the need for genuine power-sharing now. Alliance will deliver stable devolution, the tribal parties have had their chance and failed to take it.

“The 26th March deadline must not be missed, otherwise that would be yet another betrayal from the tribal parties.

“Water privatisation will hit local people hard. If the service is privatised, the emphasis will be on profits, to the detriment of the service provided for local people. We will stop water privatisation.

“The Ulster Unionists, SDLP, DUP and Sinn Fein have already let local people down by setting the ball rolling on water charges in the last Executive.

“We will stop the Direct Rule dictators and dispense with the tribal timewasters. Its time that local people got a fair deal, and only Alliance can provide that.”


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