Alliance expects Government commitment to Euro referendum

In anticipation of today’s announcement by Chancellor Gordon Brown on whether the United Kingdom should join the Euro, the Alliance Party’s Co-ordinator on the Euro, Colm Cavanagh, is optimistic that the Government will reaffirm its commitment to a referendum.

Mr Cavanagh said:

“The Alliance Party is thoroughly committed to increased European political and economic integration. We see Northern Ireland as a rich region within a united Europe.

“This requires strengthening European monetary policy. The Euro brings greater transparencies for European businesses and expands new markets for Northern Ireland companies.

“Alliance looks forward to the opportunity of a referendum on the Euro, and expects the Government to today underline its commitment to having one. We believe the argument can be won in support of the Euro.

“At the end of the day, it will be better for the people of Northern Ireland if we are a more integral part of European policy decision making, than if we remain at arm’s length.”


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