Alliance disappointment at school closure

Alliance Castlereagh Councillor and Party Vice Chair Michael Long has expressed his disappointment at the SEELB proposal to close Lisnasharragh High School. He said that a joined up approach between Boards should be taken when deciding to close schools near Board boundaries.

Cllr Long stated: “People will naturally be very disappointed and saddened by the proposed closure of Lisnasharragh High School. Whilst I recognise that the falling number of school pupils may make the closure of some schools necessary, I believe that the current process, in which individual Boards make decisions on their own rather than as part of a joint approach is not sensible. This is particularly the case at boundaries of Boards as is the case in Castlereagh.

“This is especially the case given that under the RPA the individual Boards are due to disappear in a couple of years anyway making the existing boundaries redundant. Instead of simply looking at Belfast or Castlereagh separately, surely it would be better for the relevant Boards to draw up and consult on a joint strategy based on the needs of the whole Greater South and East Belfast area. Given that a review of schools estate and future needs has been announced, there must be a more cautious approach to closing schools.”


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