Alliance describes Brexit forum as “very constructive”

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has described as “very constructive” today’s all-Ireland forum on Brexit.

The Alliance Leader was speaking after attending the All-Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit alongside colleague Stephen Farry MLA. The event, organised by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, brought together other political representatives, as well as members of civic society, businesses and farming organisations among others.

“Despite what some detractors stated, today’s event was not about complaining but discussing a number of practical issues stemming from Brexit and the effects it could have on Northern Ireland,” she said.

“It was a worthwhile exercise in how to minimise the impact Brexit may have, particularly while dealing with the Northern Ireland question. It is a shame others decided to not turn up and instead snipe from the sidelines, as many valuable contributions were made to the issue.”

“This was not a talking shop but helped scoped out the specific effect Brexit may have on Northern Ireland,” added Alliance Brexit spokesperson Dr Farry.

“There is a clear hunger for more meetings, as we look at how we can create a special status for Northern Ireland in a post-Brexit context. The consequences of not doing so is this region becomes an anomaly.

“This process should not be seen as threatening to anyone – unionists, nationalists and others will be equally affected. We all need to be pragmatic in our approach and work towards achieving the best deal for Northern Ireland.

“Today was useful in marking a step change in discussion. No-one knows what Brexit will look like, that’s why events like this are so important.”

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