ALLIANCE Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has paid tribute to SDLP Assembly member Patricia Lewsley

Mrs Bell, Assembly member for North Down, said: “Since the Assembly started, Patricia has worked tirelessly for those who might otherwise have been disenfranchised from the democratic process. She has ensured that those on the periphery are not forgotten.”

“Patricia has been heavily involved in getting a better deal for the disabled, including those with mental health problems, and has been a committed member of the Education Committee.”

“I have worked closely with Patricia on many children’s issues, perhaps most importantly, the proposals for a Northern Ireland Children’s Commissioner. She has also been involved in trying to improve pay and leave conditions for new parents through the Employment Bill, and getting adequate childcare provision for working parents.”

“Sadly, the legislation for both of these will fall with suspension, something that has disappointed us both. But if I know Patricia, she won’t let these matters lie.”

“Patricia has always been very supportive of women in politics, both inside her party and in general.”


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