Alliance demands youth participation initiative

Alliance Party General Secretary, Allan Leonard, today welcomed a Westminster Parliament initiative to send out a newsletter to first time voters. It is called the ‘Voting Times’ and is being sent to every person on their 18th birthday.

Allan Leonard said: “This is a great scheme which I hope will boost voter turnout and engage young people in the political process. It is important to demonstrate to young people how their vote can make a real difference.

“This newspaper-style leaflet will demonstrate how people power can change the way decisions are made. The newsletter lists issues that have a resonance with young people and informs them of the benefits of participating in politics.

“Indeed, I will campaign to see the introduction of a similar scheme for the Northern Ireland Assembly, as the Alliance Party is committed to making the Agreement and the Assembly work.

“We will also do our best to connect with young people and this initiative is a fine example of how to increase young people’s participation in local politics in Northern Ireland.”



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