Alliance demands that government provide more assistance for older people

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor, Sara Duncan, has demanded that the government redouble their efforts to eradicate poverty among older people. She recognises the fact that government have made an effort in this regard but has demanded the government look into new ways of increasing pension payments.

Cllr Sara Duncan, said: “While I welcome government’s efforts in extending the Warm Homes Plus Scheme, more must be done to alleviate poverty among older people in Northern Ireland.

“I have helped constituents to apply Warm Homes scheme and I would urge more older people to take up the benefits offered within this initiative to ensure that they can keep warm this winter.

“The government must ensure that overall living standards for older people are improved, and they should be examining ways in which pension payments and benefits can be increased.

“Only this week, it was reported in findings from Help the Aged, that 1,500 older people have died during the winter since 2000.

Sara Duncan concluded: “If older people are eligible for pension credit and don’t have adequate heating or insulation in their homes, they should apply for assistance through the Warm Homes Scheme.”


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