Alliance demands more public transport funding after £400m for roads upgrades

Alliance Party Larne Representative, Elena Aceves-Cully, has called on government to provide more funding for the improvement to public transport. Her comments come after £400 million was earmarked by government to improved the roads infrastructure in Northern Ireland.

Ms Aceves-Cully, who is Secretary of the Larne Line Passenger Group, said: “I want to see government improving public transport infrastructure for Northern Ireland.

“Improving the roads cannot be the only solution to solve our acute road congestion problem. We need the Government to look seriously at promoting rail and bus public transport as a real alternative to the use of cars, for commuters in particular.

“The existing railway network in particular needs to be greatly enhanced, in order to provide a service which will encourage motorists to get out of their cars and use trains instead.

“The Larne railway line requires upgrading in a number of areas, such as improvements to halts and stations and the increased provision of Park and Ride facilities.”

Commenting on the need for further funding for road upgrades, Elena Aceves-Cully said: “As regards our local roads, the A8 has recently received significant investment, which has provided several roundabouts and crawling lanes. However, it is vital that the A8 is fully upgraded to dual carriageway status, as it is a vital link for the port of Larne and the rest of the Island. This would also help reduce accidents, as the large volume of agricultural vehicles and lorries on this road poses a serious hazard for motorists.”


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