Alliance demands independent audit to stop gas price hike

Alliance Party MLA Sean Neeson, has hit out at recent gas price hikes, saying that an independent audit into prices must be conducted immediately to try to prevent them. Phoenix announced that their gas prices are set to soar by 14.5% from this Sunday.

The East Antrim Assembly Member stated: “Its disgraceful that gas prices are set to rise by 14.5% at the end of this week. An independent audit into gas prices for Northern Ireland must be conducted immediately to try and stop these increases.

“The problem of fuel poverty should be being tackled instead of being compounded by these drastic gas price rises. Especially now, coming into the winter months, this problem must be tackled to prevent those on low incomes being put in danger due to not being able to afford to adequately heat their homes.

“Over the past two years price rises have been phenomenal, and this latest hike is totally unacceptable.

“The Housing Executive now installs gas heating systems as standard in its new homes. I call on independent auditors to also review this practice, because the price rises mean that many people will find it extremely difficult to heat their homes properly.”


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