Alliance demands immediate action to combat poverty in Northern Ireland

Alliance Party Assembly Member, Kieran McCarthy has backed government efforts to combat poverty, and demanded that real action be taken immediately to help fight this problem. He also stated that more could be spend on fighting poverty if government stopped wasting 1 billion pounds every year on keeping Northern Ireland divided. His demands follow today’s launch of the government’s anti-poverty strategy by the Secretary of State Peter Hain.

The Strangford Alliance Assembly Member stated: “Immediate action must be taken to combat poverty in Northern Ireland. There are many young people, families and older people here who are currently caught in the poverty trap.

“We must protect all vulnerable people in our society and ensure that everyone can have a decent standard of living.

“The government must ensure that older people have enough money to live on this winter, as it can be such a difficult time for them.

“The government must also facilitate opportunities to help people who are long-term unemployed back to work.

“Every year government wastes 1 billion pounds on dividing our society. This is a disgraceful waste of local taxpayers’ money. This cash could be far better spent helping older people and families on low incomes.

“Instead of pandering to those who want to keep Northern Ireland divided, and having two segregated schools, we should have one integrated school. This would save money and help end sectarianism in Northern Ireland. The 1 billion wasted yearly on segregation would pay for as many as 6 new hospitals in Northern Ireland.”


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