Alliance defends position on Human Rights Commission after Sinn Fein attack

Alliance Human Rights Spokesperson Stephen Farry has responded to the attempts today of Sinn Fein spokesperson on Human Rights and Equality Barbara de Bruin to continue the undermining of the Human Rights Commission, by accusing Sinn Fein of trying to manufacture a crisis.

Dr Farry said: “There is no crisis of confidence in the NIHRC other than that which nationalist politicians in Sinn Fein and the SDLP are attempting to engineer.

“Sinn Fein cannot really argue the independence of the Commission if they expect it to dance solely to their tune. As for the two New York comptrollers they are simply parroting lines that have been fed to them by critics of the Commission back in Northern Ireland.

“It is a shame that they were so ready to put pen to paper before even consulting the Commission. If they had genuine concerns, this is surely what they should have done first.

“I welcome Sinn Fein’s new concern for investment into Northern Ireland. This can be best achieved through establishing genuine peace and stability in Northern Ireland. Republicans can be in no doubt of the need to clearly state that there will be an end to all forms of paramilitarism.”

Link: Barbara de Brun’s comments are here:

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