Alliance Criticises Unionist Response to Ombudsman’s Report

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has criticised the response of some DUP and UUP politicians to the Police Ombudsman’s report into collusion with the RUC and UVF.

Dr Farry stated:

“The response of several leading unionist politicians, from both the DUP and UUP, to the Ombudsman report into failings within the RUC in relation to collusion with the UVF is very disappointing. We must get away from the old days where unionists parroted ‘RUC good’ and nationalists parroted ‘RUC bad.”

“Unionists need to be capable of making the distinction between the brave role played by the RUC as an organisation and the sacrifice of many officers, and the need to hold to account those within any police service acting illegally.

“If Northern Ireland is to have a society based upon the rule of law then it is right and proper that the police service and its officers are held to account. Those who claim to support the police service and the rule of law need to be prepared to acknowledge the facts when officers do wrong or the system breaks down, and seek redress. This is something that those who are now in charge of policing have clearly shown that they are prepared to accept.

“Furthermore, suggestions from certain unionists that the timing of this report is political are absolute nonsense. This case of Raymond McCord goes back to 1997, and the Ombudsman has been investigating the matter since 2002.

“Sticking your head in the sand and trying to dismiss awkward facts and difficult conclusions does not serve the interests of anyone.”


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