Alliance criticises Ruane statement and DUP failure on 11-plus

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said that the Minister’s latest statement on the 11-plus in the Assembly today offers little clarity over post-primary transfer. He also criticised the DUP saying that they have offered no opportunity for the Executive to discuss this important matter. He said that serious work must now be done to stop children, parents and teachers suffering further confusion.

Opposition MLA Trevor Lunn said: “The Minister and the DUP must both shoulder the blame for the anarchy on post-primary transfer. This sham can go on for no longer. Children are suffering, parents are having sleepless nights and teachers are in total confusion over this free for all.

“The Minister and the DUP have had well over a year and a half to sort this crisis out. They have failed to do so and must now take responsibility for this chaos. Caitríona Ruane is primarily responsible but DUP are not blameless either – they have done nothing to facilitate a workable consensus.

“The Minister’s plans may be workable but there must be a will on all sides to find a consensus. If this consensus cannot be found then the DUP and Sinn Fein will have failed their biggest test since devolution returned.”


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