Alliance criticises Danske Bank closures in Castlewellan and Newcastle

Alliance Down District Councillor Patrick Clarke has strongly criticised Danske Bank’s closure of both Castlewellan and Newcastle branches. Announced in February, the closures will take effect from tomorrow, May 10, leaving another two vacant buildings in the area.

At the time Danske Bank announced the branches would merge, with all customers transformed to the Downpatrick branch.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I am very saddened to see another important facility being removed from the heart of local communities. It is really disappointing that Danske Bank has closed its branch in Castlewellan, which has been providing banking facilities in the market town for well over 100 years.

“The closure of the Newcastle branch on May 10t, whilst still leaving two other major banks in Newcastle, is still of little help and assistance to those loyal customers who used the branch, especially the elderly.

“The decision taken by Danske Bank was a commercial one and is clearly putting profit before people. Danske Bank has already insisted there is no possibility that it will be reconsidered. Both branches will go on the open market after the closures on Friday.

“Danske Bank senior officials have now agreed to meet Down District Council to discuss the two bank closures in Castlewellan and Newcastle, but this meeting will not take place until after May 10, by which time the doors will have finally closed on the two branches.”

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