Alliance councillor’s home attacked

Alliance Leader David Ford has condemned an attack on Castlereagh Councillor Sara Duncan’s home last night.

Cllr Duncan said she had been awoken at about 12.45am by the sound of breaking glass. On investigation it was discovered that a brick had been thrown through the front living-room window.

Cllr Duncan said: “Attached to the brick was part of one of the Alliance ‘Focus’ leaflets I had delivered round local houses, welcoming the removal of a paramilitary mural at The Inns car park.”

“Residents in the area had approached me about this loyalist mural, which featured two gunmen, and I contacted NIE – whose property it was on – and they had it painted over. It would seem that this attack was in retaliation for what I had done for the community.”

“I have always spoken out on behalf of those who voted, not just for me, but for the anti-sectarian politics that Alliance represents, and I will continue to serve the Castlereagh community in any way I can.”

Alliance Leader David Ford condemned the attack. He stated:

“I think this shows clearly the dangers faced by Alliance councillors for the work that they do on the ground. This was a cowardly, disgusting attack and blatant intimidation.”

“I utterly condemn this attack on Sara, who has acted with great courage in Castlereagh since she became a councillor for the area. I know she will not allow this awful incident deflect her from the good work she has done, and will continue to do, for her constituents.”


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