Alliance Councillors continue push for Votes at 16

The Ards and North Down Alliance Council team have added their voices to the Votes at 16 campaign, securing an important local debate to kick-start the conversation on the issue.

Alderman Deborah Girvan and Councillor Karen Douglas said it was an ‘important move’ for the Ards and North Down Council, giving greater recognition to young people who are the future of the borough.

“Those against this change constantly argue for the status quo, but if we don’t instil confidence in our young people from a young age, how else will our borough continue to grow and develop,” said Alderman Deborah Girvan.

“Young people are our future, so rather than taking a ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach, I’m challenging all Councillors across Ards and North Down to get behind this proposal and prove to our young people that we believe in them.”

Karen Douglas added: “Alliance has consistently supported this campaign across Northern Ireland and in the past our MLAs have secured debate at Stormont and our colleagues on Belfast City Council have facilitated a similar discussion.

“Young people can get married, join the army and pay taxes, yet they aren’t allowed to have a say in who makes the laws that shape their lives. Our Alliance group is delighted to bring this issue to the attention of everyone and look forward to rewarding discussions in the weeks ahead.”

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