Alliance condemns Whitehill shooting

North Down Alliance Councillor, Stephen Farry has condemned the so-called ‘punishment’ attack in the Whitehill Estate on Saturday and described it as a profoundly worrying development.

Stephen Farry said:

“This shooting in Whitehill is a profoundly worrying development. It is notable that it occurred near to the location where various paramilitary groups pasted threatening notices back in September.

“There seems to have been an increase in the number of so-called punishment beatings and shootings in the North Down area during 1997.

“They should be described as ‘so-called’ because the thugs that are responsible for these incidents have no legitimacy nor authority to carry out anything no matter what their victim is alleged to have done.

“There is never any justice involved. The ‘accused’ is entitled to no defence. Thugs act as judge, jury and executioneer. The ‘punishment’ dished out constitutes torture, and would be judged as a breach of human rights in most societies.

“There are clearly many social problems to be tackled in North Down and frustrations are building up. However, the only authorities that can provide solutions are the police, housing executive and social services.”


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