Alliance condemns Unionist carve-up in Castlereagh

Alliance Councillor Michael Long has condemned yet another Unionist carve-up of the top positions on Castlereagh Borough Council, adding he was delighted the move also signalled the end of tribal politics in the area with legislation already in place to ensure power sharing in the new super Councils.

Councillor Michael Long said: “It is sad but not unexpected that the Unionist groupings have again failed to share power in Castlereagh, with the election of two DUP members – one of whom has been mayor at least once before – in opposition to my colleague Sara Duncan who has served for 17 years and never held a top post.’

‘One might have expected that when the Unionist parties supported the introduction of power sharing at Stormont for the new shadow Councils that their Councillors might have followed this up locally.

“But time and time again we have looked for generosity from Unionists but we have always been disappointed.

“However there is some good news in that this will be the last time this kind of sectarian carve-up can take place, following the new legislation in the new super Councils. The sun has well and truly set on Unionist domination in Castlereagh and as this is the last AGM for the area there will be no further opportunity for this inequality and unfairness.

‘It is sad that it has taken legislation to make unionists share power. Both unionist parties tell us they want a shared future but the rest of us in Castlereagh know that locally this is laughable.”

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