Alliance condemns today’s Assembly proceedings as a farce

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long has condemned todays events in the Assembly as a farce. Naomi Long’s comments come after the DUP failed to nominate First Minister.

Naomi Long said: “Yesterday may have been the start of pantomime season everywhere else,but clearly in Stormont farce is still the order of the day. However, as everyone knows for good farce you need a quality script, plenty of preparation and impeccable timing.

“Clearly today we had none of the three. The script is tired, old and over rehearsed, the necessary background preparation hasn’t been done and the timing keeps slipping.

“Is it any wonder that people are failing to see the funny side of this?

“The public is weary of this and we need to see people get serious. Either we get the Assembly up and running or calling of the show.”


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