Alliance condemns racist graffiti in South Belfast

Alliance Councillor Cathy Curran and local representative Emmet McDonough-Brown have condemned the latest discovery of racist graffiti in South Belfast.

The graffiti was sprawled on a vacant Housing Executive property on Merryville Street.

Councillor Cathy Curran said: “This is a despicable attack on our community and has no place in our society. This type of intimidation cannot be allowed to continue.

“This property is currently vacant and had the potential to house a local family, but this blatant attempt at intimidation will have unfortunately left many concerned at moving into the area.”

Emmet McDonough-Brown added: “South Belfast is a vibrant, welcoming community and a great place to live. I know that people will join me in condemning this incident and any other attempts at targeting ethnic minorities in the area. Our city is immeasurably stronger for its diversity.

“I would urge anyone with information to contact the PSNI as soon as possible, so those behind this disgusting graffiti can be removed from the streets and shown South Belfast is open to everyone.”

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