Alliance Condemns Palace Barracks Attack

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long has condemned a suspected dissident car bomb attack on Palace Barracks in Holywood following reports of a loud explosion heard by local residents in the last hour.

Cllr. Long said, “Whilst the details of the incident are still unclear, it would appear to be an attempt by dissident terrorists to inflict serious damage at Palace Barracks.

“I would utterly condemn any such attack and am sure that the vast majority of people from across our community are sickened by the actions of people who seem intent on dragging Northern Ireland back into the past.

“It is vital that all local politicians unite to condemn this attack and redouble our efforts to create stable political structures and a peaceful society.

“I would also appeal for anyone with information about this incident to contact the Police so that those behind the attack can be apprehended.”

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