Alliance condemns murder in Castlereagh

ALLIANCE Councillor for Castlereagh Michael Long has condemned the murder of a man at Montgomery Road this morning.

Cllr Long said: “This sickening murder has to be condemned, no matter who the victim was. People are sick of paramilitaries bringing their feuds onto the streets every year, putting innocent people in the line of fire and creating fear in the community.

“I sincerely hope that this murder does not mark the start of another summer of violence and death. The public is sick of paramilitarism, and I would call on all groups involved to call a halt to this feud before it gets out of control and causes yet more suffering.

“Today’s murder took place in a busy industrial area, and I would call on anyone who witnessed the killing to please assist the PSNI in any way that you can. Unless people unite to help the police bring paramilitary killers to justice, they will continue to terrorise our communities.”

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