Alliance condemns Gregory Campbell comments in support of Hungarian regime

Alliance Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong has condemned DUP MP Gregory Campbell after he made comments in support of the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Her comments came after Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared victory in a referendum on mandatory EU migrant quotas, despite only 43 per cent of the electorate voting, short of the 50 per cent required for a referendum to be valid.

Mr Campbell subsequently stated on BBC Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show today (Monday): “When you look at the Hungarians voting over the weekend, I think we’re going to see some allies and some friends across Europe, because there is a definite mood swing in nations across the EU against the bureaucracy of Europe”.

Ms Armstrong said she was “stunned but not surprised” the DUP MP was drawing parallels around Brexit and the attempts of the Hungarian Government to reject Hungary’s participation in an EU quota system.

“The current government in Hungary, under Viktor Orban, is widely seen as right-wing, populist, authoritarian, and anti-democratic. It adopts a hardline position on migrants and has failed to crack down and address racism.

“Either Gregory Campbell doesn’t fully understand what he is talking about and the particular nature and views of the Hungarian Government or even worse, he finds their approach acceptable.

“Either way, he should withdraw his comments or the leadership of the DUP should disown them. There can be no space for pandering to racist attitudes, particularly so when minorities continue to be abused and attacked in Northern Ireland and elsewhere in Europe and around the world.”

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