Alliance condemns Coleraine gun attack

ALLIANCE East Londonderry representative Yvonne Boyle has condemned the gun attack on a house in Ballysally on Thursday.

Ms Boyle, who used to live in Rochester Court where the attack took place, said: “This blatantly sectarian attack shows just how incapable some people are when it comes to respecting difference. In an estate often covered in sectarian flags or graffiti supporting terrorism, it shows just how hypocritical loyalist terrorists can be over a single flag on someone’s own property.

“The fact that the victim is moved instead of the criminal being caught in most of these incidents is disturbing. People should feel free to live where they like, no matter what their religion or what sport they enjoy.

“This attack clearly illustrates the need for Hate Crimes legislation, and Alliance is pleased that the Government now intends to increase sentences for those found guilty of sectarian crimes in the next few months.”

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